Apple Juice Concentrate
Apple Juice Concentrate

Product Declaration

This product is 100% natural apple juice concentrate, with no additives or no preservations.
This product doesn’t contain allergens
This product to be 100% GMO free
This product doesn’t contain nuts, nor are nuts processed at the production facility
The fruit are from not genetically modified plant material

Manufacturing process

According to HACCP system This product is processed according
to good manufacturing practice(GMP) All processing aids is GMO
free, Food safe and suitable for fruit juice manufacture

Microbiological specification

Total plate count<100cfu/ml
E.coli and other coliforms negative Pathogenic bacteria none

Product quality standards

Brix (refraction at 20℃) 70+/-1degrees
Acidity (as malic acid, at PH8.1) >0.8
Clarity (625nm,11.5brix) >95%
Color (440nm, 11.5brix) >70%
Turbidity (11.5brix)<3NTU
PH 3.7-4.2
Pectin negative
Starch negative

Other parameter

Patulin max.30PPB
TAB<1 cfu/10g
Lactic acid max0.5g/l

Heavy metal

As  max. 0.1 mg/kg
Pb  max. 0.2 mg/kg
Cu  max. 5.0 mg/kg

Pesticide residue

The values of pesticides residue are in accordance with the current legislation in USA and European Union.

Packing 275kg in Aseptic bag, within open head new steel drum. Origin China
Storage conditions The product should be stored at 0-5℃. Shelf life 24 months from manufacturing date.

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