About Us

Tianjin Bin He Xuan International Trade Co.,Ltd.,is dedicated in industrial tomato processing in China for decades. We started as a trading company and become today an integrated food industry focus on tomato, fruits and vegetable processing.

Processing facilities introduced in our factories are from the well-known Italian equipment manufacturers like FBR-ELPO, Ing.A.Rossi, Rossi Catelli and FMC. To comply with the global strict and high standard requirement of food safety, all our plants certified with HACCP,ISO,HALAL,KOSHER,BRC.

Our main markets are Japan, Korea, Southern East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East ,North West Europe and Africa.For aseptic Fruits Juice concentration, we supply Apricot Puree,Apple Juice Concentrate, Pear Juice Concentrate ,Pineapple Juice Concentrate etc.
We supply dehydrated vegetables.
We supply various of frozen fruits and vegetables.

For aseptic tomato paste concentration, we produce high quality of Cold Break 36-38%,30-32%, 28-30% and Hot Break 30-32%, 28-30%. Supplying around 50,000 mts tomato paste to our customers in more than 45 countries.

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